Why TradeX

Why TradeX?

TradeX is a managed bartering organization that truly monetizes trade/barter to the penny through our electronic “banking” system.  Since “Cash Is King”, we help your business save cash by providing a resource to earn & spend trade dollars with other members within our organization – bypassing regular 1-on-1 bartering.  You literally can use TradeX dollars to purchase a simple cup of coffee to more costly expenses such as auto repair, medical care, pest control & more!  

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Since 2011, TradeX has become the #1 local, member-owned barter exchange in the greater Birmingham area.  With over 220 members, and growing, we are building a community of business owners who buy, sale, and serve one another without spending cash in our managed bartering organization.

  • Member-Owned – promotes accountability.  Built by the members and for the members.
  • Online Tracking – Accurate & Electronic tracking of trade transactions through QuikTrade
  • Staff Support – each member has a designated TradeX staff person to help manage and maximize trade
  • Local Opportunity – we strive to help business owners trade regular recurring expenses with other local members.
  • Regional Resources –our affiliation with TradeAuthority gives us access to over 3000 businesses in other exchanges to increase our purchasing power with your TradeX dollars
  • More Profitable Business – utilizing TPX helps you
    • win new customers away from your competitors
    • preserve your cash
    • expand your market share
    • moves excess inventory
    • increase productivity by filling downtime
    • live a better lifestyle
    • have a competitive advantage

Trading goods and services with TradeX is a smart tool for business!