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Unique among Birmingham golf courses, Ballantrae offers a fast, fun and friendly 18 hole course designed by internationally renowned architect Bob Cupp. Ballantrae Golf Club meanders through a scenic valley surrounded by gorgeous southern Birmingham woodlands and breathtaking views. Our friendly staff and reasonable rates make Ballantrae the premiere choice for membership among residents, and for the casual golfer or travelers, Ballantrae is the first choice in public golf courses in Birmingham.

Golf & Country Club. Trading Tee Times and Golf Cart Rental. Call ahead for Tee Times.

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1300 Ballantrae Club Drive
Pelham, AL 35124
(F) 205-663-6405

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TradeX Gift Cards,Birmingham AlabamaQuikTrade Gift Cards are redeemable at most TradePartners member locations. Great as employee incentives or gifts for family or friends. Contact Nate Park below for more information.

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2545 Marcal Road
Birmingham, AL 35244
Phone: 205-281-3353
Cell: 205-529-1786